Welcome to the Bayswater Meet

Who: All parents & caregivers (current and future) eager to learn more about baby wearing and get some help with their carriers are invited to come along. BWWA Membership is not necessary to attend.

What: A morning of baby wearing assistance and chatter. The BWWA Bayswater Lending library is present at this meet and you are welcome to borrow any available carrier from 'meet to meet'. Please ensure that you have completed your membership and bring along your membership card/proof of payment if you intend to borrow a carrier.

You can join here https://www.babywearerswa.com.au/membership

Please note that if you are looking to borrow from the library, all loans are processed at the end of the meet. Likewise if you are returning a carrier, please do so at the start of the meet so that we can use the carriers during the meet.

When: 9.30am - 11.30am. Bayswater usually runs on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Dates are determined each month so follow along below.

Where: Morley Baptist Church, 33 Hanwell Way Bassendean. Please enter via the front glass doors and continue through the glass doors beyond the front reception desk. This meet runs concurrently with a free playgroup and is very family friendly.

Why: Because as parents and caregivers that have been new to baby wearing at some point in their journey, we know that hands on help is invaluable!

There is a chatter thread for this meet in the BWWA Chatter Group