BWWA 'First Six Weeks Program'

At Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. we are all volunteers who also have families and have been through the first six week of parenting. We know it can be a stressful time, and sometimes leaving the house is way too hard, or unwanted. Baby wearing offers caregivers and babies significant benefits (you can read more about them here) so we have created an extended loan period to encourage West Australian families to wear their babies and kick start their baby wearing journey from birth!

BWWA’s First Six Weeks Program: borrow a newborn baby carrier for six weeks- simply pay for shipping!

BWWA’s First Six Weeks Program: borrow a newborn baby carrier for six weeks- simply pay for shipping!

What is the First Six Weeks Program all about?

BWWA Inc. members are eligible to borrow a newborn-appropriate baby wrap or carrier for an extended period of six weeks for the cost of shipping. BWWA’s Carrier Library Coordinator will assess your application for the program and allocate the right type of carrier for your situation. As a general rule, babies that weigh at least 3.5kg and are medically well can be worn in a stretchy wrap or Caboo hybrid stretchy carrier until approximately 7-8kg. If baby was born prematurely, weighs less than 3.5kg or is medically unwell a ring sling or woven wrap will generally be more appropriate. If you have a preference for a particular style of carrier please ensure you make a note of this in your application form.

OK I’ve ordered, what happens next?

Our Carrier Library Coordinator may get in touch for more information before deciding which carrier to send you. Once a decision has been made, a courier will be booked to deliver this carrier to your door. Supporting documents including TICKS safety information and instructions for use will either be included in the courier package or emailed directly to you.

I’m new to baby wearing, what do I do?

Unsure how to use the baby carrier you are offered? No problem! We will email you to request delivery instructions for our courier service, as well as providing you with written and/or video instructions to get you baby wearing from the moment your carrier arrives.

But what happens when it arrives and you have tried it but aren't sure whether you have done it correctly? Simply email us a few pictures of you wearing your baby in the carrier and we can do a fit check for you! We may email back advice or request a Zoom or real life demonstration to get you comfortable and confident with the carrier.

How do I sign up for the First Six Weeks Program?

Simply head to our Online Store to sign up for a BWWA annual membership for just $30/yr AND while you are there add our First Six Weeks Program to your cart at the same time. You will then receive a newborn appropriate baby carrier for the cost of having it couriered to your door (and back to us at the end of the loan period!). Plus your annual membership means that at the end of your six week newborn loan you can attend one of our local baby wearing meets and get unlimited access to the BWWA Inc. lending libraries for the remainder of your membership cycle! How awesome is that?!

My six weeks is up, what do I do now?!

A BWWA Inc. representative will contact you at the end of your loan period to arrange for a courier to collect the carrier from your home and return it to us. You will be emailed a shipping label which you will need to print and attach to an appropriately packaged parcel (take note of how it arrives at the start of the loan and wherever possible we request you reuse the courier bag/box it arrives in). Simply leave the parcel in a designated pickup location for a courier to collect on the day we book it in and our courier service will do the rest! You do not need to wash the carrier prior to returning it.

*Please note: all baby carriers borrowed from Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. are subject to our Lending Library Terms and Conditions. A copy of this document is emailed to all new members and is available on our website and in the Files section of Baby Wearers WA Inc. Chatter Group on Facebook. Failure to return a carrier belonging to Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. will result in an invoice being sent to cover the cost of replacement and may result in the suspension of your borrowing rights.

Did you know you can purchase a BWWA Inc. membership gift voucher? Pair this with the First Six Weeks hire for the ultimate baby shower gift!

Did you know you can purchase a BWWA Inc. membership gift voucher? Pair this with the First Six Weeks hire for the ultimate baby shower gift!

Want to purchase a BWWA membership and First Six Weeks Program hire as a baby shower gift? We have got you covered! The Online Store now also has Membership Gift Vouchers which can be purchased as a physical or digital voucher (simply make a note at checkout if you would prefer a digital voucher). Parents-to-be simply need to email us to activate their membership once their baby is earthside and let us know they are ready to start their first six weeks of baby wearing!

It really is super simple.

TICKS Baby Wearing Safety Guidelines:
*In view
*Close enough to kiss
*Keep chin off chest
*Supported spine