Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. Baby Carrier Loan Agreement


Terms and Conditions

·         All BWWA Inc. carriers are loaned in good faith. Please return it in the same condition as you received it.

·         Please do not wash the carrier unless absolutely necessary. In this case please contact Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. for washing instructions. If the carrier is returned in poor condition and cannot be adequately cleaned you will be liable for the cost of replacement as detailed above.

·         You are to take good care of the carrier borrowed and any damage or missing parts must be reported immediately.

·         If the carrier is returned damaged and/or with missing parts so as to make it unusable, or not returned within the allocated time period, you will be liable to cover the cost as quoted to replace the items and/or pay the repair costs.

·         When using this carrier the safety of your child is your responsibility. Please read and follow all instructions and safety advice. A copy of the instructions including videos (wherever possible) can be sent to you via Facebook or email; please refer to these and contact Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this carrier.

·         Before every use check the carrier for signs of wear and tear, and do not use the carrier if it is discovered to be faulty.

·         This carrier is to remain in your possession for the duration of the loan and may not be given to another carer to use outside of your immediate family unit.

·         All BWWA carriers must remain in Western Australia and must not be taken interstate or overseas.You are to return the carrier on or before the due date stated.

·         If the carrier borrowed is not returned on or by the due date specified above, you will be issued with an invoice via email. If the carrier is not returned and the invoice is not paid in full within two weeks of the invoice date legal proceedings may be lodged against you. If you are unable to return the carrier by the due date please contact Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. to discuss your options before 5pm on the due date.

·         Items can be returned through postal service by arrangement. All costs will be incurred by the borrower. Please use registered post with signature on delivery or a Sendle courier as arranged by BWWA.

·         Baby Wearers Western Australia Inc. is not responsible for any accidents which may occur whilst using this carrier. By signing this form you accept full responsibility for the safety of anyone wearing, or worn within, this carrier whilst it is in your possession.


I ______________________ of ____________________________________________ hereby agree to the terms and conditions above.


Signed:___________________________________                                Date: _________________