Choosing a Carrier

How long do you plan to babywear?
Will you use it primarily during the first few months or do you prefer a carrier that will last through the first year or even longer?

Who will use the carrier?
Will it be exclusively used by one caregiver or do you want something that can be easily exchanged between caregivers with minimal adjustment? Some carriers are size specific and cannot be shared between caregivers of different sizes whereas others can fit a wide range of individuals.

Do you want to purchase only one carrier for your entire babywearing time?
Are you open to more than one carrier for different situations, ages, and stages? Are you willing to sacrifice ease of use?

What is your budget?
Most good quality, ergonomic carriers cost between $30 and $200 so there are options at every price point. Used carriers can be a budget-friendly option too. BWWA recommends purchasing a carrier from a manufacturer that complies with all Auatralian safety standards and labeling requirements for your own safety and protection.

Most baby carriers fall into one of five types.
Wraps, Ring Slings, Pouch Slings, Meh Dais, or Buckle/Soft Structured Carriers.